• My drawings are the result of close observation and obsessive mark making. They are unique and hand made, but their syntax is inspired by computers and the repetitive, rule based algorithms by which they operate. I wonder what it would be like to see things dispassionately like a camera lens or a digital sensor. Would I see things more or less clearly? These contradictions interest me because they speak to the value of subjective human perception while simultaneously exploring what it feels like to become depersonalized and machine-like.

    Conceptually, I think of perception as what Donald Hoffman calls “a species-specific user interface” that “usefully hides the complexity of the world and guides adaptive behavior”. That description feels true to me, but I also hate the thought of relying solely on the interface was born with. Could I learn to see differently? My process aims to facilitate this kind of interface code-switching. By creating a drawing space that is never fully defined and that transforms continually as viewers move and in relation to it, I invite them to playfully reprogram their own interfaces and to reconsider the way they see.