• I make drawings, and I define drawing as any practice or procedure that is by nature experimental and provisional.

    When I draw, I follow a few simple rules:

    - Use accessible materials and transparent techniques: make the kinds of marks that anyone might make.

    - Every mark is in service to the whole drawing and no mark stands alone.

    - Drawing is an interface. It reflects the structure of thought but also directs it.

    Working within these constraints, I do my best to create a visual space that is never fully defined and that transforms as viewers move. I want to invite them to have the same relationship with the product that I have with the process: a way of seeing that is always negotiated and requires continuous recalibration.

    While my process is tactile, imperfect, and meditative, it also reflects my affinity for computers, machines, and their rule-based logics. I’m curious about how they are changing the way we see and how we can collaborate with them. My work flips a key script in human / computer interaction: rather than relying on computational algorithms to process and store digital images, I process images “for” computers by using handmade marks that function like vectors and data sets. I want to articulate the value of human perception while feeling out the implications of becoming more like a machine.

    You can read more about my process and how I think about drawing in an interview here.