• Essentially, I take things apart and put them back together again to see what will happen.

    My paintings and drawings all begin with intense observation of the natural world. Treating these observations as geometry and color theory problems, I deconstruct them and then slowly reconstruct them by hand using modular cross hatching in the four process ink colors (CMYK) that are used in 99.9% of commercial color printing.

    I am interested in our relationship to technology and machines, and in the ways that our tools become filters that shape what and how we see. I think of most technology as an expanded field of printmaking.

    Phenomenologically, I want to position physical presence and a sense of touch as a counterbalance to the hyper-mobility and fungibility of contemporary image culture, particularly digital images on internet. Although the language of my hand made images is "digital" (i.e modular, logical, and combinatoric) I am most interested in what happens when that language collides with the “resolution limitations” that result from it existing as a cumbersome physical object rather than flying free on the internet. In other words, I am trying (and failing) to turn my body and mind into the world’s slowest, least efficient digital sensor and processor to find out what will happen. I hope these images will slow you down, draw you in, and change the pace at which you see.

    Born in New Hampshire, and a long time Boston artist, I’ve in every New England state except Vermont at some point. I maintain a studio close to the water in East Boston, Massachusetts where I can draw and paint and also track the tides.

    I have received support from The Joseph and Annie Albers Foundation, The Berkshire-Taconic Foundation’s Artist Resource Trust, The Massachusetts Cultural Council, Boston University’s Blanche Coleman Trust, Mass MoCA's Assets for Artists Grant, and The Surdna Foundation. My work has been featured at many venues internationally including The Portland (Maine) Museum of Art, Burren College of Art (Ireland), Frappant e.V. (Germany), Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Wheaton College, Rhode Island College, Second Street Gallery (Virginia), Lux Eros Gallery (Los Angeles), Fountain (Brooklyn), Proof Gallery (Boston), European Gallery (Boston), Area Gallery (Boston), Shelter in Place Gallery (Boston), Cost Annex (Boston), Beacon Gallery (Boston), and Room 68 in Provincetown, MA. I am also a professor of art at Simmons University in Boston.